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Frequently Asked Question

What is a shock pad?

As the name indicates, a shock pad is a layer that serves to absorb the shock impact that occurs during the game. Shock pads are often used in the construction of synthetic turf sports systems. The shock pad is laid beneath the synthetic turf carpet and is designed to assist in the sports performance and player protection of the sports surface and to aid in retaining these properties through the long-term life of the playing surface.

What are the main types of shock pads available in the market?

There are insitu-installed and prefabricated shock pads available. These consist mainly of synthetic-based materials, such as rubber, PE-, EPP- or PU- foams.

What are the main benefits of using a cork-based shock pad?

Cork provides outstanding elastic characteristics which lead to a lower energy restitution without compromising shock absorption. For athletes, this represents lower fatigue and better training conditions.

Do shock pads release microplastics?

Synthetic shock pads are microplastic-based. This layer is placed below the turf and, therefore, not in immediate contact with the player, which means they are not an immediate source of microplastics.

Cork, on the other hand, comprises no microplastic at all.

How long does a cork-based shock pad last?

Usually, a shock pad should last at least twice the lifetime of an artificial turf field. We have internal testing to assure the long-term performance of our shock pads so that we can deliver the best possible product to the market.

Can a cork-based shock pad be recycled at the end of its useful life?

The elastic layer can be removed and recycled.

What impact do cork-based shock pads have on players?

It leads to lower fatigue and tiredness while providing optimal energy restitution characteristics.

What are the main differences in the installation of cork-based shock pads vs. others?

The process of installing a cork or synthetic material is the same. If you have any questions regarding the installation, please contact Amorim Sports or your local installer.

How does the cork respond mid-term to possible attacks by insects, fungi, moss, etc.?

Our materials are chosen based on their performance in the application being considered. This is connected to the way the material is installed and maintained. This development is conducted by Amorim Sports in choosing the proper material for the product. Being present in market for more than 10 years, Amorim Sports has not received a single complaint about microorganism growth in our projects.


What are the main certifications of Amorim Sports shock pads? Do they comply with FIFA requirements?

Testing is always conducted internally at our own laboratory to validate our materials. This includes tensile strength, compressibility, and recovery together with Triple A.

Who should I contact in case of damage to the shock pad layer?

First, you should contact the installer of the artificial turf.

Is the shock absorption capacity of the shock pad maintained or does it decrease over time? How elastic is cork itself in mid-term?

Cork is a long-lasting, resilient material whose conditions remain the same over long periods of time. The elastic properties remain long term.


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