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26 . Jul . 2017
Developing sustainable solutions for sport systems from a green or circular economy

Amorim Cork Composites offers the perfect solutions for sport surfaces that require high resilience and user comfort and safety. Gyms, tartan race tracks, stadiums and other sports centres are already using our solutions as a final floor or as part of a floor system with more complex requirements, such as artificial tu…

26 . Jul . 2017
Bringing back a part of nature to the artificial turf system

The use of natural cork or cork combined with other materials as an infill is favoured due to corks’ many positive proprieties, such as: low density (insulation properties with low heat absorption when exposed to sunlight), high elasticity (because of the large share of air that fills its cell structure), high strength…

18 . Nov . 2020
Amorim Organic is a natural infill for artificial turf, based on cork and olive components in a special processed way and optimized composi…

Amorim Organic is a perfect 100% natural solution for systems that require a naturally affordable product without compromising player safety and environmental concerns. It optimized long term characteristics of sport functionality of artificial turf systems without compromising naturality.

18 . Nov . 2020
Amorim Hybrid

Bio-based infills for high performance artificial turf systems.

18 . Nov . 2020
Amorim Ice is a circular economy born infill, with recycled paper fibres and cork inside. It incorporates cork and paper fibers around up to…

Amorim Ice delivers excellent thermal performance and softness, offering players and coaches all the guarantees from their artificial turf system. It offers a good balance of shock absorption, elasticity, stable strength, durability and heat-resistance. It has increased wear resistance when compared to 100% natural in…

11 . Apr . 2017
Amorim Nature are natural infills for artificial turf based on cork granules between 1 and 2mm. It is a 100% natural product of plant origin…

Cork infill contains only top-quality material (and no filler) and is very resistant with strong durability, almost unalterable and imperishable. Due to its membrane flexibility, the cells in Amorim Nature function as microscopic air cushions, which regain their shape after compression. Amorim Nature infills offer exce…

26 . Jul . 2017
Natural and recycled materials engineered specifically for a safe and high performance shockpad

Made with recycled materials such as rubber or EVA’ combined with cork, Amorim Sports shock pads are specifically engineered for use under artificial turf systems. These products guarantee uniformity in ball rebound, shock absorption, force reduction, elasticity and other cushioning properties over the lifetime of an i…

18 . Nov . 2020
The Amorim Airlastic layer shock pad for artificial turf systems was developed to be applied insitu, with a proprietary carrier mat to enhan…

Combining rubber from recycled tires and cork, it provides a product that complies with FIFA requirements for shock pads and creates a high-performance system. It is weatherproof, long-lasting and decay-resistant.

18 . Nov . 2020
Amorim Dynamic

Ensuring the stability of the artificial turf under intense use and temperature ranges to ensure the sytem‘s lifetime.

02 . Mar . 2020
New Expanded Cork Shockpad

For artificial turf systems

04 . Oct . 2016
Uwe Seeler Fussball Park – Malente

Cork infill application in the artificial turf pitch of Uwe Seeler Fussball Park.

05 . Feb . 2018
Sportplatz Schmallenberg-Gleidorf / FC Gleidorf-Holthausen (Germany)

Cork infill application in the FC Gleidorf-Holthausen and Schmallenberg municipality’s artificial turf football pitch.

05 . Feb . 2018
Cork applied in artificial turf systems

Cork infill applied in the soccer field of the Tangstedt Sports Club in Germany


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