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15 . Nov . 2018
Amorim Sports

Cork or cork-based infills and shock pads reinvent artificial sports turf systems, whi-le promoting sustainability and the circular economy.

27 . Sep . 2016
Circular Economy

Amorim Sports has always been committed to ensuring the transition from a linear economy of “take, make and dispose” to a circular economy.

26 . Jul . 2017
Developing sustainable solutions for sport systems from a green or circular economy

Amorim Cork Composites offers the perfect solutions for sport surfaces that require high resilience and user comfort and safety. Gyms, tartan race tracks, stadiums and other sports centres are already using our solutions as a final floor or as part of a floor system with more complex requirements, such as artificial tu…

18 . Nov . 2020
Amorim Ice

Circular economy born infill with excelent thermal and cooling performance and softness.

05 . Jan . 2021
Cork Inside and Circular Economy

Nothing is wasted. Everything is valued.Several products with Cork Inside seal incorporate by products from other industries (industrial symbiosis) such as foams and other polymers from the footwear, automotive and packaging industries.Blending cork with these materials, we give new life to materials that would otherwi…

26 . Jul . 2017
18 . Nov . 2020
18 . Nov . 2020
18 . Nov . 2020
18 . Oct . 2021
In terms of circular economy infills, do they release microplastics?

No cork infills from our Nature range or from our Organic range release any microplastics. In case of cork-based infills, which may contain some synthetic components, they are chosen by selecting circular economy materials and always consider cork in their composition, which lowers the amount of microplastics released…


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