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05 . Feb . 2018
A new artificial turf system for a 40-year old clay pitch

After 40 years of use, the FC Gleidorf-Holthausen’s football pitch, in Schmallenberg (Germany), is now more sustainable. Amorim Sports supplied the infill component for this eco-friendly project, with the cork-based Amorim Nature 130, in a project that also involved Schmitt Sportstättenbau and Polytan, two companies th…

23 . Mar . 2018
Main Goal

In order to meet the club’s goal and to be able to provide to the players and other users a cleaner and more pleasant field, the German company chose an artificial turf system with impact surface, artificial turf and 100% granulate cork infill. Besides improving the field’s hygiene conditions, the new turf field of SC …

08 . Mar . 2021
Main Goal

With high temperatures and humidity ratios, the main challenges of a synthetic turf in Latin America and, in this case, in Peru (Lima), are related to the athletes comfort: technical shock absorption, lower energy restitution, but above all, lower surface temperature in order to avoid health issues. On the other hand, …

18 . Oct . 2021
What is an infill?

A synthetic turf sports surface needs to provide the playing characteristics the sport requires and to also ensure it provides the levels of comfort and protection players require when running, falling and sliding on the surface. To allow the surfaces to play like natural grass, they typically have a pile that is anyw…

18 . Oct . 2021
What is a shock pad?

As the name indicates, a shock pad is a layer that serves to absorb the shock impact that occurs during the game. Shock pads are often used in the construction of synthetic turf sports systems. The shock pad is laid beneath the synthetic turf carpet and is designed to assist in the sports performance and player protect…

About Us 15 . Nov . 2018
About Us
Nature and high performance in sports surfaces

Amorim Sports is a new company from Amorim Cork Composites which specializes in sports surfaces solutions. Focused on the European market, it aims to be recognized as an innovative player, offering infills and shock pads made from cork or cork composites, intended for use in sports systems. Gymnasiums, running tracks, …


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