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In the business area in which Amorim Cork Composites operates, the satisfaction of customers as well as of other stakeholders is decisive for the sustainable development of the Organisation, in which continuous improvement is a decisive factor in guaranteeing the return of invested capital as well as the option for future generations.

Amorim Cork Composites has made the following management commitments as part of its sustainability strategy, as well as compliance with law or other compliance obligations.

Environmental Commitment

We evaluate the environmental aspects of our activities, with the aim of protecting the environment, adopting practices that enhance pollution prevention as well as improving our environmental performance.

Social Commitment

We assess the dangers of our activities with the aim of reducing risk, thereby preventing injuries, wounds and damage, as well as accidents at work and occupational diseases. We foster consulting with our employees as a way of enhancing their engagement and participation.

Energy Commitment

Energy has a decisive impact on the industrial cost of the product, so we use and consume it in a balanced way, choosing energy efficient products, equipment, technologies and services.

We favour the use of cork dust, generated in the value chain of the Amorim Cork Composites, as biomass that contributes decisively to the minimisation of greenhouse gases and reduction of the carbon footprint.

We use operational control practices that contribute to the efficient use of energy, thus maximizing energy efficiency.

Commitment to the supply chain

We have implemented practices for supply chain performance and security in order to reduce/mitigate the risk of loss, theft or smuggling that could jeopardize the security of the overall supply chain.


The Board of Directors and the Executive Board take responsibility for the communication, implementation and success of this Management Policy, as a significant factor for the sustainability of the business.

March 2018

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