Shockpads for Artificial Turf

Reinventing the performance of synthetic fields and enhanced athlete safety

Excellent performance is not only determined by the infill material or the type of grass but also by your choice of shockpad.

Excellent performance means different things for different stakeholders, such as: athletes, installers, turf manufacturers, designers or regulatory entities.

Amorim Sports has an extensive knowledge about cork and its goal is to develop new materials that fulfil market requirements, the system’s performance and that provide safety and confort for all users.

Our mission is to optimize sport functionallity for the players and sustainibility of the construction. One of the main reasons to use cork in shockpads is its unique natural capacity to reduce energy restitution and still maintain a high shock absorption.

  • Natural and recycled materials engineered specifically for a safe and high performance shockpad

    Made with recycled materials such as rubber or EVA’ combined with cork, Amorim Sports shock pads are specifically engineered for use under artificial turf systems. These products guarantee uniformity in ball rebound, shock absorption, force reduction, elasticity and other cushioning properties over the lifetime of an installation.

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  • Contributing to exceptional drainage

    With a great water permeability rate, Amorim Sports shockpads contribute to an exceptional drainage capacity of the system under all weather conditions.

    They are weatherproof and long-lasting, and will not rot, harden or become brittle over time.


Shockpad's main attributes


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