Innovation Culture

A strategic vector of competitiveness Innovation

At Amorim Sports we see innovation as a strategic vector of competitiveness

In our innovation team, our mission is to systematically develop solutions that allow us to be competitive and explore strategic areas where the characteristics of cork are highly valued by clients and consumers, adding value to the organisation and its shareholders.

We believe our innovation processes will be more effective if we integrate a range of knowledge and skills from outside the organisation. This is why we work daily in order to expand our innovation network to organisations in the scientific system, to technology centres and to R&D companies, promoting the unique characteristics of cork and disseminating our innovation challenges.

From our perspective, we are fully interested in developing solutions that can contribute to the thermal and acoustic performance of cork when applied to the construction area, preferably integrating recycled raw materials or waste from other industries. Other areas of interest are those involving materials for vibration control, sports floors, furniture, the aerospace and transport industries, among others.

We would like to invite you to join our innovation network.

Circular Economy

Amorim Sports has always been committed to ensuring the transition from a linear economy of “take, make and dispose” to a circular economy.


Circular Economy

Amorim Sports has always been committed to ensuring the transition from a linear economy of “take, make and dispose” to a circular economy.



Cork mindset

Cork, as part of the world’s forests, helps maximize carbon sequestration and consequently counters global warming and climate changes. Cork is the bark of Quercus Suber L. and is renewed every nine years.

Amorim Cork Composites is also using sub-products from cork stoppers production as raw material. This value-chain ensures use for materials that would otherwise be wasted.

Other raw materials

Amorim Cork Composites goes further in systematic use of sub-products, namely by using sub-products from the footwear, automotive and packaging industries.

New product design & business models

Amorim Cork Composites’ new approach is based on the knowledge that product design, throughout its life cycle, has huge relevance on environmental impacts. We are committed to ensuring that the design of products extends their function as far as possible. This is our working philosophy and we want to spread the message. For this reason, we are the industrial partner of Katch_e, in an European project entitled: Training for Circular Economy in the Construction and Furniture Sectors.

You can follow the development of our latest products

  • Cork Infill - V2

    This product is a new generation of composite material incorporating cork. It is implemented as an innovative solution for use in artificial grass pitches: its application is similar to that of a substrate, replacing traditional recycled rubber pellets. V2 significantly reduces the surface temperature of the pitch, having a direct impact on the level of comfort for players.

    This product, widely used in the USA, reduces water consumption in pitch maintenance, allowing high biomechanical performance of the artificial grass system.