Amorim Ice

Circular economy born infill with excelent thermal and cooling performance and softness.

Amorim Ice is a circular economy born infill, with recycled paper fibres and cork inside. It incorporates cork and paper fibers around up to 30% and also recycled polymers.

 Amorim Ice delivers excellent thermal performance and softness, offering players and coaches all the guarantees from their artificial turf system. It offers a good balance of shock absorption, elasticity, stable strength, durability and heat-resistance. It has increased wear resistance when compared to 100% natural infills and has very low % of small particles. It is an eco-friendly solution with good recovery and shock absorption capacity. It is heat resistant and UV stable.



Key Features


Material  Particle Size (mm) Bulk Density (Kg/m³)¹ Moisture Content (%)²
Amorim Ice 501 1 - 2 300 - 350 < 2


(1) ISO 2031

(2) ISO 2190

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