Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lima - Peru

Cork infill applied in an artificial turf field of a private school in Lima, Peru

Amorim Sports’ first project in South America

The Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in Lima (Peru) was searching for a solution for their newest artificial turf field for football. The main challenge was to fulfill the FIFA requirements and, at the same time, to avoid unnecessary health issues or environmental pollution by reducing synthetic material.

Another main aspect, specially for this geography, was to reduce the surface temperature under the sun, compared to a typical synthetic infill solution.

Main Goal

With high temperatures and humidity ratios, the main challenges of a synthetic turf in Latin America and, in this case, in Peru (Lima), are related to the athletes comfort: technical shock absorption, lower energy restitution, but above all, lower surface temperature in order to avoid health issues.

On the other hand, environmental issues are gaining more and more visibility worldwide. Environmental sustainability and the reduction of pollution are current topics, which is why the market is increasingly asking for new developed systems based on natural and organic alternatives for infills.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt School chose Amorim Sports cork infills for its new artificial turf football field and was thus able to fulfill the FIFA requirements.

  • Product

    AMORIM SPORTS supplied 28 tons of Amorim Nature 190, the quality infill based on 100% cork, certified and external monitored on highest quality standards.

    During the installation process, Amorim Sports clarified the contractor’s doubts regrading installation steps, entry into service, and maintenance guidelines.

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  • Benefits

    As a cork-based infill, Amorim Nature 190 is an eco-friendly option. It allows to reduce the quantity of synthetic materials in an artificial turf and to avoid the release of microplastics, thus contributing for the decrease of environmental pollution.

    The combination of a technical shock absorption, a lower energy restitution with a great cooling effect and an overall lower surface temperature of artificial turf fields makes the cork-based infill the rational option on the market for geographies near the equator.

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Main attributes of cork infills

Infills applied by:

Green Power company was in charge of the project installation. The structural base was made of asphalt with a draining profile. A pre-fabricated shock pad was provided with 17mm, with drainage capacity and absorption performance.

The filling of the turf with sand (18kg/m2), as a weight layer, and Amorim Nature 190 cork infill completed the installation of the “Drop 50” artificial turf, from Saltex (Finland), as a preferred FIFA supplier.