DJK Dülmen 1920 e.v., Germany – Organic infill in artificial turf

Innovative Organic 202 infill applied in Dülmen, Germany

The centenary DJK Dülmen club renovated its sports venue, building a new football pitch to complement its sports facilities.

DJK Dülmen's football department had been planning to build a new artificial turf field in the heart of the city for many years. The main goal is to serve the club's different teams, especially outside the summer season when the grass pitch loses its playability.

Main Goal

When choosing a suitable and, above all, sustainable artificial turf system, the DJK Dülmen club aimed to provide a better sport performance as an alternative to the natural turf field.

Due to the growth of teams and hours of training, especially outside the summer season, the old natural turf field did not meet the desired playing conditions. The field needs to withstand a daily training use by the club's various teams throughout the entire year, allying these characteristics with sustainable measures to avoide the release of microplastics.

  • Product

    Amorim Sports supplied 32 tons of Amorim Organic 202, a 100% organic infill that combines cork and olive pits, covering a total area of 6.400m2.

    The bulk density of the infill makes it easier to introduce into the artificial turf and prevents any possible floating. Once installed, it remains within the system, even during periods of heavy rain-fall. There was a downpour in the surrounding area just after the installation, in June 2021, but no infill was lost from the field and it remained in the system, as hoped.

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  • Benefits

    Although it provides perfect technical conditions, Amorim Organic 202 does not undermine sustainability or environmental protection.

    As a 100% organic infill, Amorim Organic 202 is an eco-friendly option which also helps reduce the turf’s general maintenance costs.

    The best feedback is always from the end users, the football team itself: all the players have been positively surprised by the field's comfort, appearance and playability.

    The energy restitution provided by the cork-based infills optimizes the athlete’s conditions on the field, since it permits fast recovery and lower fatigue levels during matches or training sessions.

  • Performance approved according to FIFA standards

    To confirm the performance of this innovative solution, DJK Dülmen club asked the internationally recognised institute, Labosport, to test the system using FIFA criteria. This test was conducted two months after the installation and the results speak for themselves, attesting to the highest FIFA standards, on average:


    - Shock absorption 67%

    - Vertical deformation: 10 mm

    - Rotational resistance: 37 NM

    - Vertical ball rebound: 0,72 m

    - Ball roll: 5,72 m

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Main attributes of organic infills

Infills applied by:

Sportsgrass was the company responsible for the planning and installing the project.

After the ground works provided the necessary structural requirements, a 30 mm SBR based insitu e-layer was installed, providing perfect flatness and shock absorption performance. A new innovative artificial turf “ACT Global Xtreme Turf DXF” was installed on top. This functional artificial turf is designed to work well with organic infills, such as Amorim Organic 202.

This artificial turf field is innovative and unique in many ways. The combination of proven technologies, a modern turf and a new natural performance infill resulted in a top-class football pitch.


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