Schagen United football club, Netherlands

Amorim Organic 202 Infill applied to the artificial turf of two new football pitches.

Amorim Organic 202 applied for the first time in a project in the Netherlands

Main Goal

Schagen United is an amateur football club founded in 2019 in the city of Schagen, in the northwestern Netherlands, following the merger of the VV SRC and VV Schagen football clubs. After the two clubs merged, Schagen United’s management wanted it's over 1000 members to be able to play in the same sports complex, without the need to be divided between the clubs’ former facilities.

For this reason, Schagen United expanded VV Schagen’s former facilities in 2021, through the creation of two new football pitches with artificial turf. Given that sustainability is one of the management's top priorities, the club opted for the application of a cork-based natural infill developed by Amorim Sports.


  • Product

    The infill chosen for the new Schagen United lawns was Amorim Organic 202 - an innovative and 100% natural product resulting from the combination of cork and olive pits.

    The Amorim Organic 202 infill guarantees the sustainability requirements sought by the club, while offering optimal playing conditions. While components from olive trees ensure the stability of the artificial turf system, cork’s natural elasticity ensures that the pitch is safe and extremely comfortable for players.

  • Benefits

    Safety and performance are, in fact, the two attributes most frequently mentioned by users of Schagen United’s new pitches. This is a positive experience that is also influenced by Amorim Organic 202’s neutral odor and natural feel, as well as its ability to significantly reduce the surface temperature of the turf, compared to other infill solutions.

    Mike Mooij, secretary of Schagen United when the project was implemented, was extremely satisfied with the new pitches and the choice of Amorim Organic 202.

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“It’s a very positive experience for the club. We are extremely satisfiedwith the infill.”

Mike Mooij, former secretary of Schagen United

Main attributes of organic infills

Infills applied by:

Antea Sport, from the Antea Group Netherlands, was the company responsible for the planning and installation of the new pitches at the Schagen United football club.

After preparing the ground to ensure the structural requirements, a shock pad based on SBR rubber was installed, designed to standardize the floor and ensure shock absorption.

Afterwards, the artificial turf surface was applied, and, finally, the Amorim Organic 202 infill.