Sportplatz Schmallenberg-Gleidorf / FC Gleidorf-Holthausen (Germany)

Cork infill application in the FC Gleidorf-Holthausen and Schmallenberg municipality’s artificial turf football pitch.

A new artificial turf system for a 40-year old clay pitch

After 40 years of use, the FC Gleidorf-Holthausen’s football pitch, in Schmallenberg (Germany), is now more sustainable. Amorim Sports supplied the infill component for this eco-friendly project, with the cork-based Amorim Nature 130, in a project that also involved Schmitt Sportstättenbau and Polytan, two companies that specialise in high-quality sports surfaces and system solutions.

FC Gleidorf-Holthausen was founded in 1993, but its existing clay pitch, that is owned by the Schmallenberg municipality, is more than 40 years old. The drainage system needed to be optimised because of the rock-based sub-strata.

Due to the possible ban of synthetic infills in Germany, the club and the municipality of Schmallenberg decided to look for a technical and ecological alternative for the new sports field.

  • Product

    Amorim Sports supplied 9 tons of the cork-based infill, Amorim Nature 130, certified in accordance with RAL GZ 944 (for natural infill).


    Although heavy rain and thunderstorms occurred on the weekend between the end of the construction and the final inspection, acceptance of the construction was achieved flawlessly. The first training session started on the same day.

  • Benefits

    Cork-based infills are designed to enable functional suitability, striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and environmental compatibility, material durability and multi-functionality.


    This solution offers advantages for users compared to other types of infills: it is odourless, with more natural appearance and touch, zero toxicity and reduces the surface temperature, ensuring comfortable use all year round. In terms of safety, cork also offers the advantage of having great impact absorption capacity and excellent traction, avoiding abrasion if players slip or fall.


Main attributes of cork infills


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