SV Germania 90 Schöneiche Club

Cork infill application in the SV Germania 90 Schöneiche’s artificial turf football pitch.

Sustainability and high performance for the “Forest City” Schöneiche’s artificial turf pitch

The SV Germania 90 club and the municipality of Schöneiche chose a cork-based natural infill for artificial turf when they rebuilt their pitch in Germany.

Main Goal

Schöneiche, near Berlin, is known as the “Forest City”. The framework of this project was to install a sustainable football pitch, with eco-friendly components, avoiding microplastics.

The project consists of partial rebuilding of the old artificial football pitch, with microplastic-free infills, supplied by Amorim Sports.

Cork infills are not only an environmental-friendly solution, they also provide comfort to the players due to cork’s ability to absorb energy and have a lower energy restitution, compared to synthetic solutions.

  • Product

    Amorim Sports supplied 6.5 tons of the cork-based infill, Amorim Nature 130, certified in accordance with RAL GZ 944 (for natural infill).

    During the installation process, Amorim Sports responded to all the contractor’ doubts concerning the installation steps, entry into service and maintenance guidelines. 

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  • Benefits

    As a cork-based infill, Amorim Nature 130 is an eco-friendly option, which reduces the turf’s general maintenance costs and offers advantages for users compared to other types of infill: odourless, toxicity-free, reduction of surface temperature and elasticity characteristics.


Main attributes of cork infills

Infills applied by:

SAS Sportanlagen-Service GmbH company was in charge of the installation of the artificial turf (supplied by Edelgrass) and the cork-based infill (supplied by Amorim Sports).


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