Uwe Seeler Fussball Park – Malente

Cork infill application in the artificial turf pitch of Uwe Seeler Fussball Park.

High performance, long-term stability and microplastic-free – the main challenge for artificial turf

The Uwe Seeler Fussball Park chose a cork-based natural infill for the installation of the new artificial turf system in its football pitch, in Germany.

Main Goal

This project involve the installation of a new artificial turf system on an existing in situ shockpad, for a football pitch.

The new system has to comply with the prevailing technical requirements for high performance in a sustainable manner, without using microplastic components.

  • Product

    Amorim Sports supplied 8 tons of the cork-based infill, Amorim Nature 130, certified in accordance with RAL GZ 944 (for natural infill).

    During the installation process, Amorim Sports responded to all the contractor’ doubts concerning the installation steps, entry into service and maintenance guidelines. 

  • Benefits

    Cork-based infills are designed to allow functional suitability, striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and environmental compatibility, material durability and multi-functionality.


    The infills’ elasticity and natural appearance and touch improves players’ comfort. The long-term wear resistance and the right size of granules ensures the functionality of the turf throughout the pitch’s lifetime.

“Adding NATURE 130 infill improves the artificial turf, offering more comfort for the player during play, as well as giving support to the grass fibres to ensure functionality over lifetime”

Michael Tonert, Project Manager Weitzel Spoprtstättenbau

Main attributes of cork infills

Infills applied by:

Edelgrass provided the artificial turf and Weitzel Sportstättenbau (Tencate) was in charge of the installation of the system on top of the existing in situ elastic layer.


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