Vipperöd Boldklub, Denmark - Cork applied in artificial turf system

Cork infill applied in a local soccer club field in the small town of Vipperöd, Denmark

Artificial turf pitch in Scandinavia with natural cork infill - a great example of international cooperation

Amorim Sports and Polytan Denmark built together the new artificial turf pitch free of microplastic for the Vipperöd Boldklub. More comfortable and safer for athletes, it is easier to maintain and meets the highest technical FIFA standards.

Main Goal

Scandinavian countries are leading in the promotion of sustainable products in their daily life. In this case, both the association and the community have been committed to the importance of sustainability, environmental protection, and the avoidance of microplastics.

The main challenge for those countries is to find environmentally friendly solutions adapted to hard weather conditions, especially during winter. Natural and organic infills can take the challenge if selected in the right system.

Cork infills are not only an environmentally friendly solution, but also provide comfort to the players due to the cork’s characteristics to absorb energy and have a lower energy restitution, compared with synthetic solutions.

  • Product

    Amorim Sports supplied 15 tons of Amorim Nature 130, their cork-based infill certified in accordance with RAL GZ 944 (for natural infill).


    During the installation process, Amorim Sports clarified the contractor’s doubts regrading installation steps, entry into service, and maintenance guidelines.

  • Benefits

    As a cork-based infill, Amorim Nature 130 is an eco-friendly option, reducing the turf’s maintenance general costs and offering advantages to users in comparison with other types of filler: odorless, absence of toxicity, and elastic properties.


    The energy restitution provided by the cork-based infills optimizes the athlete’s conditions on the field, as it allows a quick recovery and a lower fatigue during the competition or training sessions.


    The elasticity and natural appearance improve players’ comfort. As Nature 130 infill is based on cork, this new football field avoids the release of microplastics.


    A very pleasant but unexpected positive side effect is the optimal light reflections and distribution under the new floodlights, positively recognized by audience and players.


Main attributes of cork infills

Infills applied by:

Polytan Denmark

The project took place during spring 2020. 8858 m2 of POLYTAN´s grass “Legend Pro” was installed on top of the prefabricated PRO PLAY shockpad with a height of 23 mm. As weight layer on the artificial grass, 19 kg/m2 of sand was filled in, before the installation of 1.9 kg/m2 of Amorim Nature 130, as a performance infill. The underground consists of compacted gravel with horizontal drainage pipes every 5 m to lead a part of the infiltration water to the nearby water reservoir. 


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