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27 . Sep . 2016
Circular Economy

Amorim Sports has always been committed to ensuring the transition from a linear economy of “take, make and dispose” to a circular economy.

05 . Jan . 2021
That’s why we have created the Cork Inside seal

When blended with other materials, in high technological formulae, cork may not be so visible. That's why we have created cork Inside. A seal that assures that, even if you don't see it, cork is present in the optimal amount in our products, rigorously tested by Amorim Cork Composites’ innovation and engineering teams.…

26 . Jul . 2017
Developing sustainable solutions for sport systems from a green or circular economy

Amorim Cork Composites offers the perfect solutions for sport surfaces that require high resilience and user comfort and safety. Gyms, tartan race tracks, stadiums and other sports centres are already using our solutions as a final floor or as part of a floor system with more complex requirements, such as artificial tu…

26 . Jul . 2017
Bringing back a part of nature to the artificial turf system

The use of natural cork or cork combined with other materials as an infill is favoured due to corks’ many positive proprieties, such as: low density (insulation properties with low heat absorption when exposed to sunlight), high elasticity (because of the large share of air that fills its cell structure), high strength…


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