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05 . Jan . 2021
Cork Inside

When cork isn't completely visible, this seal guarantees that the product contains cork in the optimal amount, giving the required performance.

26 . Jul . 2017
Sport Surfaces

Comfort and safety with cork-based materials that improve shock absorption

25 . Oct . 2021
Amorim Cork Nature

Infill for landscape artificial lawn

15 . Nov . 2018
Amorim Sports

Cork or cork-based infills and shock pads reinvent artificial sports turf systems, whi-le promoting sustainability and the circular economy.

27 . Sep . 2016
What is Cork

100% natural, reusable and recyclable, cork is, whether from the environmental, social or economic perspectives, one of the world’s most versatile materials.

27 . Sep . 2016
Environmental and Social Benefits

Perfectly adapted to the warm climate and arid soil, cork oak forests protect against erosion and resulting desertification.

27 . Sep . 2016
Facts and Curiosities

Explore all the facts and cusiosities about cork and the importance of the oak tree and its forests

12 . Oct . 2016

Cork is a completely natural raw material, with unique properties which give it an unrivalled character

12 . Oct . 2016
Oak Forest

With over 2.2 million hectares of cork forest, about one third (approximately 730 000 hectares) is situated in Portugal

18 . May . 2018
Cork infills

Environmentally and people-friendly artificial turf system solutions

22 . Jun . 2018
Cork infills

Raw material, durability and comfort guaranteed

28 . Jul . 2017
7 reasons to choose cork infills

Granulated cork has been increasingly used as an infill in artificial turf systems, offering significant advantages over plastic- or rubber-based synthetic infills.

26 . Jul . 2017

Cork and cork-based infills designed to ensure performance naturally

02 . Mar . 2020
Insitu Shockpad

Meet the new Expanded cork Insitu Shockpad from Amorim Sports

23 . May . 2018
Privacy Date

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18 . Oct . 2021


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