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27 . Sep . 2016
Cork Infill - V2

This product is a new generation of composite material incorporating cork. It is implemented as an innovative solution for use in artificial grass pitches: its application is similar to that of a substrate, replacing traditional recycled rubber pellets. V2 significantly reduces the surface temperature of the pitch, hav…

26 . Jul . 2017

Cork or cork based infills designed to avoid unwanted consequences

26 . Jul . 2017

Cork and cork-based infills designed to ensure performance naturally

18 . Nov . 2020
Amorim Organic

Cork and olive component infills guarantee balanced elasticity and compression resistance

18 . Nov . 2020
Amorim Hybrid

Bio-based infills for high performance artificial turf systems.

18 . Nov . 2020
Amorim Ice

Circular economy born infill with excelent thermal and cooling performance and softness.

11 . Apr . 2017
Amorim Nature

Cork infills designed to ensure performance and elasticity naturally.


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