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18 . Nov . 2020
Amorim Airlastic layer

Providing the necessary and well designed elastic characteristics for the sport application.

02 . Mar . 2020
Specially designed cork components

Specially designed cork components can be used under the turf to create a 100% natural elastic layer.   Cork,  a 100% natural component that acts as a CO₂ retainer,  helps the turf to be more elastic and oxygenated. It is the best natural inert material and does not absorb moisture, it simply conserves it on the surfac…

04 . Oct . 2016
Infills applied by:

Edelgrass provided the artificial turf and Weitzel Sportstättenbau (Tencate) was in charge of the installation of the system on top of the existing in situ elastic layer.

14 . Dec . 2020

As a cork-based infill, Amorim Nature 130 is an eco-friendly option, reducing the turf’s maintenance general costs and offering advantages to users in comparison with other types of filler: odorless, absence of toxicity, and elastic properties.   The energy restitution provided by the cork-based infills optimizes the a…

28 . Jul . 2017
7 reasons to choose cork infills

Granulated cork has been increasingly used as an infill in artificial turf systems, offering significant advantages over plastic- or rubber-based synthetic infills.


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