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27 . Sep . 2016
New product design & business models

Amorim Cork Composites’ new approach is based on the knowledge that product design, throughout its life cycle, has huge relevance on environmental impacts. We are committed to ensuring that the design of products extends their function as far as possible. This is our working philosophy and we want to spread the message…

26 . Jul . 2017
Bringing back a part of nature to the artificial turf system

The use of natural cork or cork combined with other materials as an infill is favoured due to corks’ many positive proprieties, such as: low density (insulation properties with low heat absorption when exposed to sunlight), high elasticity (because of the large share of air that fills its cell structure), high strength…

18 . Nov . 2020
Amorim Organic is a natural infill for artificial turf, based on cork and olive components in a special processed way and optimized composi…

Amorim Organic is a perfect 100% natural solution for systems that require a naturally affordable product without compromising player safety and environmental concerns. It optimized long term characteristics of sport functionality of artificial turf systems without compromising naturality.

11 . Apr . 2017
Cork infills ensure performance naturally

Amorim Nature infills’ main goals are to allow functional suitability, a balance between cost-effectiveness and environmental compatibility, material durability, and multifunctionality.


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