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18 . Nov . 2020
Sports function

- Balanced elasticity and compression resistance (cork elasticity / olive resistance) - Have lower surface temperature - Long term stability in outdoor sport application   - Sustainability

18 . Nov . 2020

- Bio based (cork and virgin rubber)   - Heavy metals compliant (Heavy metals pass EN 71-3 Cat3)   - Phthalate free (US EPA 8270)   - 100% free of chemical contamination (according REACH)

18 . Nov . 2020

- 100% recyclable

11 . Apr . 2017

- 100% natural, renewable and recyclable   - No chemical contamination, 100% free according to REACH   - Odourless

26 . Jul . 2017
Excellent performance is not only determined by the infill material or the type of grass but also by your choice of shockpad.

Excellent performance means different things for different stakeholders, such as: athletes, installers, turf manufacturers, designers or regulatory entities. Amorim Sports has an extensive knowledge about cork and its goal is to develop new materials that fulfil market requirements, the system’s performance and that p…

18 . Nov . 2020

- Cork is a 100% natural component that acts as a CO₂ retainer   - Promotes circular economy   - Carbon negative contribution to artificial turf system

18 . Nov . 2020

- Post consumer recycled materials   - Recyclable   - Even when a turf system is in need of replacement, the existing Amorim Dynamic can be reused under the new system.

23 . Mar . 2018
12 . Oct . 2020
Sustainability and high performance for the “Forest City” Schöneiche’s artificial turf pitch

The SV Germania 90 club and the municipality of Schöneiche chose a cork-based natural infill for artificial turf when they rebuilt their pitch in Germany.

14 . Dec . 2020
Main Goal

Scandinavian countries are leading in the promotion of sustainable products in their daily life. In this case, both the association and the community have been committed to the importance of sustainability, environmental protection, and the avoidance of microplastics. The main challenge for those countries is to find e…

08 . Mar . 2021
Main Goal

With high temperatures and humidity ratios, the main challenges of a synthetic turf in Latin America and, in this case, in Peru (Lima), are related to the athletes comfort: technical shock absorption, lower energy restitution, but above all, lower surface temperature in order to avoid health issues. On the other hand, …

22 . Sep . 2021

Although it provides perfect technical conditions, Amorim Organic 202 does not undermine sustainability or environmental protection. As a 100% organic infill, Amorim Organic 202 is an eco-friendly option which also helps reduce the turf’s general maintenance costs. The best feedback is always from the end users, the fo…

28 . Jul . 2017
2 – Sustainability

Cork is a renewable and recyclable product, of a 100% natural origin. As tree bark, cork contributes to CO2 retention. During the production process of the infill, all generated waste is reusable and, in the end-of-life treatment of a turf system, cork is the type of infill that releases the lowest amount of CO2.


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